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    Autism Lesson Interactives

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    Autism lesson planning help is given.

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    Please allow these ideas to help:

    As you develop your interactive activity, please note that you could integrate a science lesson with these learners. If your topic is the brain and central nervous system, you could encourage kids to learn about voluntary movements using sensory activity for hands on learning. For example, you could bring in many tactile objects. Kids can take turns touching different textures such as sandpaper, cactus plant, a rose petal, a furry stuffed animal penguin, etc. Since the lesson will reinforce how the nerves send messages to the brain, your lesson could focus on the concepts of voluntary and involuntary movements.

    As you look at the theories implied from this lesson, please note that sensory stimulation lessons are effective with students with autism. Research shows that "people with autism process visual information more easily than verbal information" ...

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    Autism lessons are brainstormed.