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Effective teaching

These areas are considered:

The principles that one believes are essential to effective teaching and learning that will guide in working as a teacher. In this statement, consider the following questions: What do you believe about children and how children learn? What do you believe about teachers and their role in children's learning? Why do you believe you will be an effective teacher?

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As you brainstorm these areas, please allow my ideas to help:

First, you might add that teachers must embody specific principles to effectively teach and guide students' learning. For example, I personally believe that teachers must be positive and hopeful. They must embrace the fact that all children possess the ability to learn and have talents in various areas. By emphasizing students' diverse areas of success, teachers must have a proactive approach.

I also believe that teachers must be caring. They cannot just be knowledge transmitters. Instead, they must have a caring and compassionate heart to understand each child's specific case and needs academically, socially, emotionally, behaviorally. They must be patient, strong, flexible, and nurturing.

Teachers, too, must be professional. They must model both ...

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