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Work Stress on Job Performance & Satisfaction

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Describe the influence of occupational stress on job performance and satisfaction.

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In most jobs, there is a certain amount of stress to be expected; however, too much stress can be harmful and can even impact a person's physical health, emotional health, and interfere with productivity. There are many things that may cause occupational stress such as fear of being laid off, overtime, and increased workload due to cutbacks in staff, performance pressure, and pressure to work at optimal levels continually (1). Some employers confuse the concept of challenge with job stress. A challenging job tends to energize us psychologically as well as physically, just as it motivates us to master our jobs, or learn new skills and is important for productive work; however, stress is more harmful than good.

In a sense, stress sets off an ...

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Discusses how stress can affect a person's job performance as well as job satisfaction.