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    Task 1:

    What do we understand by the concept of stress?

    Task 2:

    How can stress affect our performance and job satisfaction?

    Task 3:

    Discuss the various measures that can prevent stress at work?

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    Task 1:
    What do we understand by the concept of stress?
    Before probably digging into the concept of stress, let's first have look the "behind-the-scene" events on how our body responds to stressful conditions. Upon perceiving a threat, rapid changes occur throughout the body which involved all body systems. That means, the heart, blood vessels, the immune system, the lungs, the digestive system, the sensory organs, and brain all participate and become affected ("Stress - Introduction," n.d.) . Our nervous system most especially reacts by releasing varied stress hormones particularly adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones basically alert the body to respond quickly or take necessary actions. Coupled this situation are normal physiological events that occur to different body systems like the heart, pounding faster, tightening of body muscles, rising blood pressure and most importantly, our senses are becoming sharper ("Understanding Stress," n.d.). Concurrently, these changes in the body significantly result to increase strength, speed and stamina preparing the body for the kind of action/response which basically is either to "fight or flee" from the posing threat ("Understanding Stress," n.d.).

    Now the we have zeroed out this basic principle of how the body responds to stress, the next big question would be, what stress really is? How far do we understand about the concept of stress?
    Stress or stress response for that matter is the way our body responds to certain demands or challenges called as stressors ("What is stress?," n.d.). Stressors could be any kind, both good and bad depending upon how an individual perceives it. It must be emphasized here that our body's response to stress is just but normal. In fact, stress response in many ways can protect or help us ("Stress - Introduction," n.d.). In delicate or emergency situations, proper response to stress may actually save someone's life. You become focuses, alert and stronger. In real life situation, a person under severe stress can carry a heavy refrigerator when there is fire, or he/she can just automatically slam on the brakes during imminent accidents ("Stress - Introduction," n.d.). In the academe, a student under stress can actually help him/her by getting into focused ...

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