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    An Introduction to Stress and its Models

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    This job examines these areas: "What is stress? What are the definitions of stress? What models of stress are there?"

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    According to Goetsch & Fuller (1995), definitions of stress fall into three categories:

    1. Stress as a stimulus
    2. Stress as a response
    3. Stress as an interaction between an organism and its environment

    There is no single definition of stress and it has been described in many different ways, for example:

    - When an event taxes an individual beyond their ability to cope - this is known at 'overload'

    - A belief or cognitive appraisal, that external stimuli exceed our ability to cope

    - A reaction to events which disturb our equilibrium

    In more recent thinking stress has been thought of as:

    'Stress as an excess of ...

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    This job defines stress and offers models, terms, and resources to explore.