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    What are the consequences of avoiding stress management?

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    What are the consequences of avoiding stress management? Consider all six dimensions of wellness.

    Six dimensions of wellness;
    Emotional Dimension
    Occupational Dimension
    Physical Dimension
    Social Dimension
    Intellectual Dimension
    Spiritual Dimension

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    Avoiding stress management builds up a tremendous amount of bottled-up stress, which is mentally and emotionally exhausting. This, in turn, manifests as physical exhaustion as well.

    Emotionally, an individual who is continuously stressed will, at first, adapt beneficially in the sense that concentration, focus, attention and motivation to work towards removing the stressor will increase. However, as one can imagine, this is taxing on the mind, and cannot be sustained. Under chronic stress, low or high, emotionally a person's adaptations to stress fail until there is minimal concentration, focus, attention and motivation. This can lead to the classic emotional syndrome of burnout: general depression and lack of motivation. In many cases, our tolerance for more stressors is also diminished, such that small stressors which would have been ...

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    The consequences of avoiding stress management is determined.