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Speech communities and gender

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Gender Speech Communities Memo
Assignment Explanation:

• Student writes a 1.5 page memo. Note: memo should not surpass 2 pages.
Visit the Useful COMM Docs folder if you need a refresher on how to write a professional memo
• Memo includes an introduction, discusses gender speech communities (pp. 109-112), and a conclusion
• Student explains the three concepts explained in the Gender Speech Communities section —> socialization into gender speech communities, gendered communication in practice, and misunderstandings between gender communities
o Be sure to provide examples of how gender speech communities play out in real life. Do NOT use examples from the textbook (think for yourself).

Gender Speech Communities Rubric Student Name:

Memo is clearly structured /5
Correct headings, spacing, etc.
Memo topic is introduced in 1st paragraph and reviewed in last para.
Memo is concluded (summary sentence and "signature")

Memo content addresses gender speech communities /10
Student explains gender speech communities + the socialization, practice, and misunderstandings of gender speech communities
Student shares real-life examples of all three concepts
Content is clear, concise, professional, and on-topic
Ideas are frontloaded (first sentence of each paragraph)

Memo meets length expectations /3

Other feedback:

Total Points Earned: /17

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Solution Summary

A outline for discussion on the differences in gender speech.

Solution Preview

I am providing an overview of the subject. The limit on the words means that fuller explanations is limited. I have left you some areas to further address, including how the conclusion is written. You should review what is written here and modify it to meet the needs of the class and your own knowledge.

Debra Tannen has identified differences in the speech patterns and use of women and men. They form different speech and communication styles, based on gender and gender expectations. For women the focus and goal is relationships. For men it is to prove power and knowledge. As such, interpreting the differences in speech for men and women is important to help bridge information for both sides.

Women Speech

Women use speech to establish and keep ...

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