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    Categorical data analysis :Yule Q

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    1. In several presidential elections, researchers' have observed a "gender gap" in which men and women vote for candidates in different proportions. Test this hypothesis by calculating X2 and Yule's Q for these frequencies from the 1998 General Social Survey:

    Vote by Gender
    Did You Vote for
    Clinton or Dole? Men Women

    Clinton 251 572
    Dole 283 306

    2. The 1998 GSS states, "There are always some people whose ideas are considered bad or dangerous by other people. For instance, somebody who is against all churches and religion...If such a person wanted to make a speech in your (city/town/community) against churches and religion, should he/she be allowed to speak, or not?" Among the male GSS respondents, 631 said they would allow the speech and 154 would not allow it. Among the female respondents, 762 would allow and 303 would not allow the speech. What are the conditional odds in favor of allowing an atheist to speak, and what is the odds ratio?

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