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Chi squared for independence using SPSS

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my fictitious statistical study NOT SURE IF IT IS UNDER CORRECT HEADINGS
first year college students; study criminal justice; population 2500 Pinellas county, fl;
sample size 75 both male and female; 40 female, 35 male
study cj for illegal reasons? study cj for legal reasons?

hypothesis; more females admittedly study criminal justice for illegal reasons than their male counterparts
null hypothesis; females and males average the same as for the illegal reasons for studying cj

I need at least 3 variables, 2 of which are correlational.......my variables would be: gender male/female
illegal/legal and we could throw age group 18 to 22 so my variables would fit the parameters.

I am unsure of the specific test or tests I should use. I just want to be sure that my fictitious data is sufficient to do a study properly.

I need help in setting it up so that I can perform the analysis. a measure of central tendency, dispersion I think I can do. I have tried several times to conduct the analysis, using spss that I just bought but do not feel I am doing it properly or lacking information.

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A step by step explanation of how to perform Chi squared for independence using SPSS.

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Please find the answer attached in the form of a word document. If there is anything further or if something is not clear please ask me by messaging me here.

"It is not clear from your Hypothesis whether what you are requesting here is a parametric test (probably in the form of t test) or a non parametric test (in the form of chi squared test for independence for categorical data)

Nonetheless from the rest of your description its clear to me that the ...

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