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LGBTQ (Community Counseling)

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How can community psychology be used in relation to gender, power, and sexual orientation (LGBTQ) within a global context?

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Here, you are being asked to describe the application of community psychology as an applied science to address certain issues. The complicated part is that these are many issues and you have to do it in a global context. By now, you should be familiar with community psychology. The simplest definition of the science is that it is an applied science wherein principles of psychology are utilized to help make the quality of life better in communities. Now, you are being asked to look at a specific population of people - the LGBTQ or lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and queers. Also, you need to put this in a global context. Sounds like a tall order - you need to simplify it to get it right.

How should you do this? When you say 'global context' - it means put it in context within an international ...

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