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Reducing Gender and Racial Discrimination in Communities

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If you were a consultant to a community that is planning a comprehensive program to reduce racial and gender discrimination, what specific steps would you advise the community leaders to take. Describe a new problem that this might create. Would the new problem leave the community worse off than it was before racial and gender discrimination was reduced? Why or why not?

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Discrimination of any kind is typically a feeling or belief that is learned rather than based on systematic observations and analytical research. People exhibit actions or hold beliefs that are prejudicial to others because they have grown up in communities or families that exhibit these prejudices. In many cases prejudiced people have never really had an acquaintance that belonged to the group they are prejudiced against.

As a consultant to a community planning a comprehensive program to reduce racial and gender discrimination I would assume that the community already is abiding by state mandated laws addressing gender and racial discrimination. I would assume that rather than violating state and local law they are guilty of non-criminal racial and gender discrimination. My first step would be to ensure that this assumption is accurate.

Having confirmed this assumption I would begin to make a list of stakeholders who would be impacted by this new plan. Schools, communities, churches, businesses, civic groups, law enforcement and others would be contacted and surveyed to determine ...

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