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Sociological Reasons for Discrimination

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Describe the sociological reasons for gender, race, and age discrimination in American society. Explain whether these forces will diminish or become more prevalent in the near future.

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Sociological Reasons for Discrimination:

The sociological factors for gender discrimination in American society are based on gender stratification and inequality through sexism, which is based on the idea of superiority of one sex. For example, one may be born a female but follow characteristics and behavior of a male. This person may experience identity confusion, being stereotyped by others, and differing views of gender roles. Another example is based on the pay gap between males and females in the workplace and may shift in the near future as more women are obtaining leadership roles. Sexual harassment in male-dominating positions is a big issue. Women have the ability to produce life and even in this instance may face discrimination through job loss due to pregnancy. However, there is the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 which makes it illegal to fire a pregnant employee. Another huge factor in gender discrimination ...

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Sociological reasons for discrimination are described.