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the history of social problems

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Identify the importance of understanding the history of social problems, the policies involved, and reasons for conducting research.

Discuss the role of research in the social change process. Give an example of a question or issue you could study, what methods you would use, and how you might use the data that you collect.

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Understanding the history of social problems is important because it allows one to observe and understand a person and or their beliefs, what situations pose a threat to that person's belief, what methods can be used to address the threat, and how the problem(s) and its solution(s) affect future conditions or actions. By understanding the history of social problems, the person who observes, researches, understands, and develops a solution, becomes an analyst. The analyst's job is to define the problem by gathering evidence, evaluate the policies involved, develop solutions, address the advantages and disadvantages of each solution, and select the best solution.

Define the Problem

To understand a person and or their beliefs, you can either ask them about their beliefs or you can observe them in their community. Once you understand or have some information about a person and their belief, you will have a foundation to understanding social problem. Social problem "is defined...as a deviation from some social norm which" poses a threat to a ...

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The history of social problems are examined. The role of research in social change processes are determined.

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