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Personality: An Interdisciplinary approach

Both Allport and Murray emphasized the need for an interdisciplinary approach to the study of personality. What contributions to the understanding of personality can be made by disciplines such as literature, anthropology, history and mythology?

Note: Think about cultural differences; think about cultural sameness. And when you post, be specific about your choices of literature (books, movies, TV etc.), anthropology (culture), history (ours, world history, other cultures) and mythology (shared symbols and archetypes). Have fun with this question. For example, comic books (or graphic novels) are not out of the question to discuss.

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From Allport's perspective on personality, individuals have a common biological heritage and a common cultural heritage based on traits. He further emphasized that although people could be compared on dimensions, the dimensions could not provide an understanding of an individual's personality. Thus, personality is organized around several dispositions in which the individual is portrayed. Qualities or personality styles make up the unique individual.

For instance, individuals have predispositions for self-preservation, happiness, thinking and verbalizing, loving, communion with others, and growth (Corey, 2005, ...

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This solution explores the cultural awareness and differences associated with an interdisciplinary approach to the study of personality.