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Field of "Mental Retardation"

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i) In a 1200-1500 word paper (using APA format and a minimum of three references), discuss the interdisciplinary approach to Mental Retardation (MR). Identify the disciplines serving individuals with MR and describe their roles. Include a rationale for interdisciplinary collaboration; address ways to improve cooperation between disciplines.
ii) Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the various definitions classifications of MR.
iii) Discuss the problems associated with the interaction of cultural diversity, linguistic differences, and mental retardation. How can these problems be resolved?
iv) Discuss the issues surrounding the definition and classification of students with MR with special and regular educators and parents of children with MR. Compare their viewpoints. Summarize your discussion (250-500 words) and submit to your instructor by the end of the week.

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This solution provides assistance in preparing for a paper on "mental retardation" by addressing the fours sections e.g. interdisciplinary approach, disciplines serving individuals with MR, their roles, cultural diversity issues, etc. providing information and ideas for each section. Supplemented with extra information on aspects of mental retardation.

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