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Understanding Mental Retardation

I need to perform a Literature Review as it relates to Mental Retardation: Problem, Issues, or Educational Deficit

Sample Format

Name Author, and year of book and the summarize of each section

1) Summary of Article:

2) Research Elements: Design, Methods, Population, Strengths, Limitations:

3) Outcome(s): Research Results:

4) Significance to Nursing and Patient Care:

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Understanding Mental Retardation

Author: Patricia Ainsworth, M.D. (June 4, 2004)

Summary: This book provides a wealth of information concerning mental retardation, which includes information that would help individuals to live as fully as possible while suffering from this disease. In essence, the information provided within this book provides a great deal of hope for individuals, due to the fact that it sheds light on the many positive attributes that individuals still have active take advantage of, even though they are suffering from mental retardation. One of the interesting things about this book, is that it takes an in-depth look at the physiological causes of this disease, as well as the effects that this disease has on the brain and other systems of the body. This is a very important aspect ...

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The expert discusses mental retardation. A literature review is given.