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    Critical considerations in regards to domestic violence and alcohol consumption

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    Please describe the critical considerations (diversity, social change, ethics, and globalism) as they pertain to the issue of the relationship of (excessive) alcohol consumption on domestic/intimate partner violence.

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    Diversity and alcoholism- information taken from Module 10H on the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (http://pubs.niaaa.nih.gov/publications/Social/Module10HEthnicity&Culture/Module10H.html)

    One must remember that diversity and ethnicity go hand-in-hand and play a significant role in alcoholism. Ethnicity refers to "the cultural attitudes, beliefs, values, customs, and norms of the ethnic group to which an individual belongs," (Module 10H). That person's history, both personal and family history, also plays a part in their attitudes and beliefs.

    Native Americans, for example, have a known history to use substances like drugs and alcohol. According to the module, the majority of those using have done so since an early age. It's almost considered "normal".

    Taking into account the differences between ethnicity and alcohol consumption, we must also remember that the consequences of consumption are also different between groups.

    The following is an excerpt taken from the module

    "Intimate partner violence (IPV) is one problem that has been associated with alcohol abuse. When ...

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