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    Community policing and drug laws

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    "Community policing cannot solve the drug problem anymore than traditional law enforcement can (Fagan, 1994)."

    - Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why?
    - How do alcohol and drugs affect crime?
    - Are traditional drug enforcement policies working? Why? What is the role of community policing in drug enforcement and alcohol enforcement strategies?

    There has been a steady increase in the consumption of drugs and violence among the teenagers of your locality. As a local commander of your locality, you have to prepare a comprehensive drug abuse and school safety program for your locality.

    The program you plan to implement should answer the following:
    - What strategies can be adopted to deal with drug problem?
    - How are drugs related to gangs, hate crimes, violent crimes and domestic violence? How can community policing be used to reduce the negative impact of criminal behavior in these areas?
    - How would you involve the community members, including the youth, in dealing with the drug problem?
    - What other agencies or authorities would your program need to collaborate with? Why do you think collaboration with these agencies is needed? Justify your answer using appropriate reasons and examples.
    - What are the first four steps that you would take to implement your program in your locality? Why?
    - How would you evaluate the effectiveness of your program in reducing drug use and crime?
    - What are some of the limitations for your program and how do you plan on overcoming them?

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    "Community policing cannot solve the drug problem anymore than traditional law enforcement can (Fagan, 1994)."

    Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why?

    This statement is 100% true because the "war on drugs" is a failed policy that doesn't solve the drug problem but actually exacerbates the problem exponentially. Because America continues its failed war on drugs, the Black Market for drugs thrives and it will continue to thrive while hundreds of thousands of new "criminals" are arrested each year for minor drug offenses. Community policing or any type of policing for this matter will not solve the drug problem because the problem is how drugs are treated in America.

    How do alcohol and drugs affect crime?

    Alcohol, which is legal, has instrumental impacts on criminal behavior as most crimes that are domestic in nature with violence involved have alcohol as a driving component. If someone gets into a confrontation while inebriated, they are far more likely to engage in violence while on alcohol because the drug facilitates violent behavior. Some drugs also play a role in violent crime while also playing ...

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    Community policing and drug laws are examined. Whether traditional drug enforcement strategies are determined.