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    Oriented Policing: Drugs and Theft

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    Explain a drug problem in your community and how you might solve this problem if you were a cop?
    Who might need to be involved in the process?
    What resources might be needed?
    Problem could also be stealing radios out of cars. Support your answer.

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    Step 1
    The drug problem in the community stems from the problem of there being an increase in the supply of drugs. The result is that a large proportion of young people have been drawn into drug abuse. Some of the youth have faced drug addiction and its problems but have not presented themselves for treatment and harm minimization (a). This problem is having a harmful impact on the community.

    Step 2
    Problem oriented policing involves understanding the problems in terms of stakeholders, the way in which the problem is being handled, and ...

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    This solution explains the problem of oriented policing while looking at drug use in different communities. The solution outlines the steps towards solving the problem of high drug use in communities. Sources are included in solution.