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    Reducing Juvenile Weapons Crime

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    Reducing Juvenile Weapons Crimes

    Explain the Youth Firearms Violence Initiative.
    Choose one of the strategies and tactics shown in Table 8.2 (p. 246) which will be Community Base Activities. Explain the program in depth and its effectiveness in reducing juvenile weapons crimes.


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    In reference to the Youth Firearms Violence Initiative, this program was predicated upon the basic tenets associated with community policing-problem solving, partnerships, and prevention. The objective was to participate with communities that had high rates of juvenile crime to develop appropriate strategies that were placated upon preventing violent crime through community policing. Police departments in cities that were included in this initiative used civil remedies as code enforcement and civil abatement as well as directed patrol and overtime to enforce zero-tolerance laws. The different police departments received funding from the federal government to ...

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    Reducing juvenile weapons crimes is examined.