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Argument Construction Against Alcohol Consumption

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Construct an argument on one of the following:

• Should college campuses ban alcohol on campus?
• Should U.S. citizens be eating meat?
• Should the driving age be raised to 21?

List at least ten different premises that relate to the issue.

Eliminate some weak premises. Choose two premises you eliminated and explain why you eliminated them. Your explanation should be a few sentences long.

Then, construct three different arguments that pertain to the issue, each a paragraph long. It will be easy to come up with one argument for and one against the issue of your choice, but you must also come up with a third argument.

Finally, choose the argument you think represents the best critical thinking and give a paragraph explanation of why you chose it.

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10 premises that relate to this issue:

1. Under age drinking on on-campus

2. Alcohol poisoning

3. Intoxication at sporting events

4. Alcohol induced violence

5. Increased rates of alcoholism among college students

6. Alcohol related decreases in academic performance

7. Alcohol induced sexual assault among college students

8. Alcohol induced hazing events

9. Alcohol induced traffic accidents among students on campus

10. Alcohol induced vandalism on college campuses

I have eliminated the premise of alcohol induced hazing events, largely due to the fact that these hazing events are usually not alcohol-based. This is due to the fact that these events are usually a part of fraternity initiations, as well as athletic team initiations among students who are usually totally sober at the time. I have also eliminated intoxication at sporting events due to the fact that the majority of ...

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