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Arguments and Conclusions

This posting assesses an argument on the following three levels: Is your argument (1) good or bad? (2) Valid or invalid? (3) Strong or weak? It also explains how to reach an assessment.


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As you identify at least one argument, please note that this piece argues that exposure to alcohol advertising does not impact culture's consumption of alcohol, particularly African-American youth. By refuting the typical response that alcohol ads increase consumers' tendency to drink and act irresponsibly, this article takes the opposite approach. In other words, this article provides good arguments based on its reference to the highly acclaimed study by the Federal Trade Commission that found "that there is "no reliable basis to conclude that alcohol advertising significantly affects consumption, let alone abuse."

Please note that it also gains validity from not only this source but also from the "founding Director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism." It also gains strength in its ...

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