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Possible Solutions to IPV with Alcohol Consumption

Briefly describe one selected resolution of IPV/domestic violence with alcohol consumption/abuse with its advantages and disadvantages. Also please explain some challenges and barriers to its implementation.

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According to an IPV module, approximately 38% of abusers have significant alcohol issues and that the more alcohol that is consumed is related to a higher possibility of being abusive.

Individuals with alcohol problems have a higher likelihood of being abusers, committing sexual assaults, inflicting serious harm on others, and being violent outside of the home than are those that do not have alcohol problems.

There are several theoretical models that try to explain why alcohol plays such a big role in IPV. One thought is that alcohol can be a stimulant, it causes aggression, as does methamphetamine and cocaine. Another theory is that it can cause cognitive distortions and impairments, allowing the drinker to view things in a distorted fashion.

There are a couple more models that can be found in the IPV module located in the references (not cited APA style).

Resolution Possibilities
According to the ...

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The solution discusses possible solutions to IPV with alcohol consumption.