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Gender related communication

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Discuss the understanding of gender related communication such as flaws and strengths in specific examples and applications.

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1. Discuss the understanding of gender related communication such as flaws and strengths in specific examples and applications.

Communication: Men and women have different styles, which can result in mis-communication and problems between genders. These differences probably have both biological and environmental basis, which have a long history of philosophical attitudes towards women:

"Communicative practices not only reflect notions about gender, but they also create cultural concepts of gender. Message sources privileged by society as legitimate knowledge generators create a web of socially compelling discourses. Thus, religious, mythic, philosophic, and scientific discourses teach us, among other things, about society's values and rules related to gender. It is no accident, then, that American myths focus on the active male and the supporting female, or that Plato defined women as "lesser men," or that Aristotle described women as "a deformity, a misbegotten male," or that St. Thomas Aquinas argued that god should not have created women, or that craniologists of the nineteenth century argued that women's smaller heads justified their subordinate position in society (thus initiating all the "pretty little head" rhetoric about women), or that Freud believed women had "little sense of justice," and so on.(8)" (as cited in http://feminism.eserver.org/gender/cyberspace/gender-differences.txt/document_view)

Some examples of communication difference and pitfalls between genders are considered below:

? It's frustrating. Why does a woman receive little response to an idea she introduces at a meeting while minutes later a man with virtually the same idea is hailed as brilliant?
? It's mystifying. Why does a man who tells a joke to a group ...

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This solution discusses gender related communication, such as flaws and strengths, providing specific examples and applications. Supplemented with an informative article on gender-related communication. References are provided.

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