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Language and gender issues

Where I need assistance is in putting together an explanation/descrition and problem statement for my topic of choice, which is, "Do female children have stronger language interaction skills than male children between the ages of birth-5?". Some areas for research and discussion will be expressive/receptive language,brain development and cognitive abilities, cultural influence and gender sterotyping. Any direction and example of how to begin this project would be greatly appreciated.Also any recommendation on whether the topic area needs to be expanded or more concentrated to be morefully addressed.

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First, as you work on completing your applied research project, I think you are in the right direction in terms of topic development. I love the umbrella topic about gender differences in language interaction skills. However, I advise you to narrow the ages and scope since birth-5 encompasses a whole lot of data and many developmental differences to justify a generalization. Could you look at a specific target group such as preschoolers, kindergarteners, etc? What do you think? I encourage you to scale down the topic to make it more concentrated.

As you explore this topic, I feel that most of the research does support that females tend to be stronger, thus gender differences exist. Your quest might be to uncover why. One expert suggests that girls are primarily but not exclusively between the ages of 2 and 8 more verbally skilled than males, partly ...

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Language and gender issues are brainstormed.