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    Gender Neutral Language and its Impacts in Group Settings

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    In what ways does your use of language reinforce power and gender differences within an organization? What effect does this have in terms of how a change message is received? What modifications could be made to bring about better understanding and participation?

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    Your way of speaking to others makes a major difference in how you reinforce power and gender differences within the audience you are speaking too. In order to help cultivate changes for a positive work environment, careful attention and education of management must be focused around teaching how to speak gender and racial neutral language. Most people do not realize their speaking in gender negative sentences and its usually not done intentionally, however, the impact is still the same on the audience ( Bruckmuller, Heagarty, & Abele, 2012).

    Here are examples of two ...

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    This is a short solution that focuses on answering the question of how can gender neutral language impact an audience and help bring about positive change. The solution explains what gender neutral language is and gives some examples of how to understand its impacts and offers some modification suggestions to help improve this situation. It also offers a link for more information and references to learn from.