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Advertising Strategy

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MATS has a new client from Chile who owns a vineyard. He is looking to MATS to help him create online advertisements that promote his company and product coupons. Your supervisor asks you to meet with the vice president of the company in Santiago to get an idea of what the client wants the advertisement to look like and accomplish. Your supervisor asks you to choose a team to help you outline what MATS can offer the client. Before you go to Chile, you are to write a report outlining how you will address certain issues.
Your report should outline the following:

how you will select the team that will go with you (consider experience, intercultural communication issues, language, and other aspects of the situation)
how gender might impact the negotiations and what you will do to address this
how you will handle language barriers and which language you will use to communicate
types of listening and negotiation skills you will employ
how you will engage in face-to-face meetings, virtual meetings, and e-mail follow-up
appropriate business attire (color, style, and any other clothing considerations)

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//Before writing about the team selection for developing the online advertising, it is essential to gain knowledge about the role of advertising. One should know about the main theme of the presented case in order to analyze the strategy for team selection in an effective manner//


In present scenario, advertising plays a significant role in the promotion of the products and services of any company. There are various types of advertising but nowadays online advertising is utilized by most of the companies to generate awareness among the key customers at global level. This paper describes about the different factors and considerations used to develop an effective online advertisement to promote the company and product coupons offered by the company located in Chile. There is a description of the report which outlines the strategies used to generate a creative online advertisement of the company which assists it to effectively gain the attention of the general public of Chile.

//Above is the explanation of the role of advertising and main theme of the presented case. Now, as per the directions, the strategy for team selection and different aspects required to focus by the team will be disscussed//

Strategy for team selection

To go on a mission or to solve the problem of developing online advertising successfully, it is necessary for the team leader to develop a strategy for the selection of the team. Team plays a significant role in the success or failure of any mission or goal of the company. Before selecting a team, it is essential for the team leader to focus on different aspects or factors which are important from the business point of view such as experience, intercultural issues and language.

Experience: It is the important factor and decides about the failure or success of the mission or plan of the team. Those who have enough experience about these kinds of projects will be given more preference than others.

Intercultural issues: Intercultural issues like assumptions, beliefs and values of individuals play a significant role in the development of an effective online advertisement. Individuals who belong from the same culture or religion will be included in the team, as it will minimize the chances of conflicts or disagreement on a particular issue.

Language: Language is the key factor which assists the marketer to interpret the things in a more effective way. As Chile is the progressive country and has a mixture of ...

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