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    Gender in Phaedra

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    This posting lists the conflicts of the Hippolytus spelled out in gender terms. How does Artemis fit into this division?

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    Although this topic is infinite, please allow some of my notes to help you:

    First, please note how Euripides overall shocked Athenians with his depiction of women's sexuality and gender issues. He definitely depicts the double standard and how a different set of rules for conduct applies to the sexes. You might even note Phaedra's ancestry and her passion seem to perpetuate the gender conflicts even further. Please note how even the Chorus infers the reason for Phaedra's suffering.

    Social assumptions and rules governing how they produce disaster also embody the play in gender terms. The preference of silence to scandal, ideas about adultery, incest, and virginity also encompass the gender issues. Please further note how Euripides questions about the desirability of female access to language. I often see this piece in misogynistic terms. Please note how Phaedra is initially quite moral ...

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