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Pay for Performance Plans

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I need to create a 12 slide power point presentation with this information. Can you help with NOTES and IDEAS please? Can you direct me to at least 3 scholarly resources that will help me with my research for each bullet point? Length: 12 slides

• Provide an analysis of the significant components of a Pay-for-Performance system and evaluate the relationships between employee job performance and the reward systems deigned to motivate, engage, and increase employee productivity and job satisfaction.

• How to implement such a program in the organization.

• What are two examples of pay for performance programs and evaluate the key characteristics of these compensation programs.

• Determine whether employees are influenced by performance evaluation systems that are innovative in providing rewards to employees.

• Which programs would be most suited for the organization and why.

Can you direct me to at least 3 scholarly resources to help me gather the information for each bullet point? Length: 12 slides

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Meyners Pays for Performance. Academic Journal By: Brotherton, Phaedra. Journal of Accountancy , Jul2003, Vol. 196 Issue 1, p41-47, 6p, ...

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