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    figurative language, imagery and rhythm in Midsummer Night's Dream

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    Courtney Lehmann argues about a production of Midsummer in which an attempt is made to produce a feminist point of view of the play. How would you adapt Midsummer to conform to the ideals and morals of today's society while still holding onto the integrity of the script? What specific changes would you do to character, costume, set, or other pieces and what would you try and communicate to the audience about contemporary life?

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    Shakespeare uses figurative language, imagery and rhythm to show how the mastery of language by the immortal fairies challenges and even usurps the control/power of the mortal mechanicals. The effect of this mastery is evident in the use of the magic potion that causes havoc for the different heterosexual couples. Shakespeare's theme can be used as a metaphor for the dominant/oppressed whether due to race, class, ...

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    How do issues of figurative language, imagery and rhythm fuction in Midsummer Night's Dream?