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    "Storm Fear" by Robert Frost

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    Offer ideas for an explication on "Storm Fear" by Robert Frost.

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    In the first place, as you explicate carefully, I concur that the title evokes mystery and a sense of ominous doom for me. To illustrate, Frost uses nature imagery with the "storm" to show tumultuous feelings or a foreboding mood.
    Line 1 also depicts his use of alliteration with the W sound repeated, " When the wind works against us in the dark." It offers some musicality and rhythm. "Dark" offers a sinister tone or mood to it.
    I also argue that the use of personification is also used effectively as the wind is "working" to give it human traits. His use of the verb, "pelts" shows a fervor to the snow falling and a sense of domineering to nature's wrath.

    Again, the wind is also personified as it ...

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    "Storm Fear" by Robert Frost is explained using textual evidence, line for line.