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Bedford & Frost poems' contrast and comparison

Details: Your manager at Java House has asked you to put together a minilesson reviewing the aspects of poetry. Beforehand, she would like for you to a research paper in APA format encompassing the topic of the chapter. To best exemplify your skills with the topic, you have decided to break it down into two portions:

1.You must choose a sonnet from the Bedford text and discuss the theme, language usage, and metaphorical references within.
2.You must choose a poem from the Bedford text, and discuss the impact of word choice throughout it and why effective word choice was essential for this poem's theme.


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In his poem, Design, Robert Frost is reflecting on the amazement he feels on how thing in nature are created and function. The analogies of a snow drop for spider, froth for flower, and wings like a kite for moths and the climax of the poem, so to speak, is based on the moths getting caught in a spider's web. The stage is the white wild flower upon which the cruel entrapment of the moth occurs. The poet states the contrasts and the reversals of the role of the wile flower, in the scary unfortunate event of the death of the moth, in spider's web on top of the wile flower's plane. Frost's inquiry is about the details of the design of this whole affair, and he holds God or the Creator responsible for the actions of the characters in this poem - the spider, the moth and the wild flower.
This poem raises eternal questions, which have to do with God's predestined fates of weaker insects in nature and the ...

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Bedford & Frost poems' contrast and comparison