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    William Blake's "Echoing Green" and "Garden of Love"

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    This posting includes commentary about William Blake's "Echoing Green" and "Garden of Love" poems.

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    1. Blake's poetry portrays his outrage over the effects of the Industrial Revolution in England. Thus, Echoing Green" and "Garden of Love" represent Blake's attempt of social protest as he comments on corruption by man, government, and religion. You could use the two poems as a lens for this topic of social protest. Please look at the longing in "The Echoing Green" for lazy days of peace in childhood... "such were the joys when we all-girls and boys.." These poems show the corruption by commercial greed, monarchy, militarism, etc. "The Garden of Love" also shows this ...

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    This posting offers a comparison/contrast of ideas within William Blake's "Echoing Green" and "Garden of Love."