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    Night and Day in Shakespeare's plays

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    In Romeo and Juliet and Midsummer Night's Dream, there is much focus on the interplay of night and day in the two plays. In R&J, there seems to be safety at night and the tragedies occur in the day and yet in MSND there is chaos at night and calm during the day.

    1) I am looking for some other examples that I can relate to love, magic, and violence and how the characters respond to light and dark.

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    First off, as you explicate the repeated imagist patterns in Romeo and Juliet in terms of the interplay of light and darkness, you might examine Romeo's speech and use of metaphors as he compares Juliet to light repeatedly in the play. For example, Romeo expresses the love at first sight feeling as he compares her beauty to make "the torches to burn bright" and also compares her to "the sun." The light/dark interplay further works as he then expresses the opposites, dark, with "kill the envious moon" to suggest darkness.

    Again, Romeo's alludes to the sun and moon, especially on the balcony scene, to further suggest this light/dark interplay. When he claims that Juliet banished the "envious moon" and transformed "night into day," he also conjures these images. Light and dark interplay is also suggested in this play through Romeo's dialogue as he compares Juliet's eyes to ...

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    Night and Day symbols in Shakespeare's plays are briefly overviewed.