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    Shakespearean delusions

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    Shakespeare's plays often have characters who suffer from delusions in which they think they are something they are not.

    1) Who are some of the characters from Shakespeare's plays who suffer from delusions?

    2) What are examples of those delusions?

    3) What consequences do they suffer as a result?

    4) Do these characters ever recognize their delusions?

    5) How do these characters and their delusions affect those around them?

    6) What do these characters reveal about Shakespeare?

    7) How do these characters affect the plots of the various plays?

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    1) I think that some of the characters from Shakespeare's plays who suffer from delusions very adamantly include King Lear, Hamlet, Othello, and Macbeth, just to name a few based on the time and credit restrictions here.

    2) Some specific examples of those delusions include how Othello's insane jealousy destroys him and his loved ones because he is delusional and self absorbed. Racial prejudice imposed on Othello also creates some of his false perceptions and delusional beliefs as he thinks, for instance, that Desdemona and Cassio are adulterous. He becomes caught in a web of madness based on these delusions and ultimately cause his own and others' demises. Do you agree?

    Another example of ...

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