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    Hamlet's genre

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    Choose at least one of the plays from the list of readings for this week. It is suggested you read the play and view the play as well (film, on stage, etc.) Write a short summary of the chosen play incorporating the main points. Was it comedy or tragedy? What feelings does the play evoke? What ideas does the play express and what values does the play endorse as far as beliefs and attitudes? Did you like the play? Why or why not? What quotes from the play support your opinions?

    # William Shakespeare â?" "Othello," p.1455 or "Hamlet," p.1545 (as assigned)
    # Henrik Ibsen â?" "A Doll House," p.1666
    # Lorraine Hansberry â?" "A Raisin in the Sun," p.1870
    # Oscar Wilde â?" "The Importance of Being Earnest," p.1937

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    Without further "lecturing", please allow me to start by mentioning that "Hamlet" is a widely chosen play for this type of assignment. It happens so that I have specialty in Shakespearean plays. Next time you come across another assignment as such, it would help if you would come by Brainmass sooner so that OTAs are not rushed into completing your assignment. I would also like to mention that this should be a stress-free assignment. There are several different types of "Hamlet" to view: you should pick from either the Ethan Hawk (as Hamlet) version or Mel Gibson (as Hamlet) version to watch. The Mel Gibson version is a lot more closely related to the text than the Ethan Hawk version. I would suggest you going down to the nearest Blockbuster to rent one, and you will be able to start writing this homework ...

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    Hamlet's genre is examined briefly.