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Shakepeare's Hamlet

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Please provide some notes on Hamlet regarding this theme.

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This solution briefly provides some APA references to guide students toward brainstorming reader response themes and ideas about Shakepeare's Hamlet and some examples of suspense, character relationships, themes of deception, etc. 1000 words are approximately integrated for study guide prompting.

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Welcome warmly to BM! Please rate 5/5 for my ideas and references to inspire your paper. I truly appreciate your business and am honored to assist you!

Although the references are stated in APA format, please reiterate that they are not used in APA in-text citation. Kindly ensure that you comply with the formatting within your paper accordingly as we can merely offer notes, not formatted tasks, at BM.

First of all, when selecting a title in conjunction with assessing the theme of deceptive appearances versus reality in Hamlet, a creative title (if your professor allows) might be: "Ghostbusters: Explicating the Theme of Deception Versus Reality in Shakepeare's Hamlet and Its Effects on Suspense and Character Relationships."

Specifically, many scholars actually comment on the interplay of reality versus deception within the text. Critics commend that this theme actually adds to the overall sense of suspense and plot intrigue within this riveting play. One source offers insights:

Lyne, R. (2014). Shakespeare, Perception and Theory of Mind. Paragraph, 37(1), 79-95.

The author clearly asserts how the audience experience is strongly "...shaped by what characters say they are seeing." (79). In fact, the complexity of the ghost beliefs and superstitions within the Elizabethan period serves "...as a context for the scene's apparent attempts to switch between the perspectives of Hamlet (who can see the ghost) and Gertrude (who cannot)" (79). To illustrate, in the closet scene, Hamlet, possess the ability to see his father, but his mother does not. In fact, "...Gertrude is completely unaffected by the ghost, except inasmuch as it
disturbs Hamlet" (87). Hamlet's mother reacts to him with doubt and dismay as she comments, "Alas, how is't with you/That you do bend your eye on vacancy" ...

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