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    Religion and irony in Shakespeare's Hamlet

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    Analyze the relationship between religion and irony centering on the figure of 'Hamlet'.

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    Analyze the relation between religion and irony centering on the figure of Hamlet

    Throughout the play 'Hamlet', Shakespeare used religion to both develop the plot and manipulate the reactions of the audience. During the time in which this play was originally performed, England was going through a profound religious reformation. The Elizabethans recently became under a Protestant rule but were all too familiar with the teachings of the Catholic Church. So with this in mind, Shakespeare used this knowledge to his advantage, especially concerning the character Hamlet. A great example of this is found with the ghost in Hamlet. According to the Catholic belief system, the spirit of Hamlet's father was not in Heaven or Hell, but in a place called Purgatory. This means that he was not as good ...

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    This solution looks at how Shakespeare uses religion and irony to drive the plot of Hamlet.