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Hamlet and Shining City : a comparison

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I was given the play Shining city to write an essay on and compare it to Hamlet.
I can only come up with the fact that both have ghosts in them that are trying to tell them something..I need a bit more to make a lengthy enough essay..plot, theme, setting anything??

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Shining City:
Plot: Shining City is about a businessman named John who suddenly loses his wife in a traffic accident. He then starts seeing her ghost in their house several times and as a result he is afraid to go home at night. Also he feels incredible guilt over the cruel way he treated his wife in the days before her death. John begins to see a therapist. His therapist Ian is a former priest who like John must face troubling issues of faith and loss. Ian wants to break up with his girlfriend (the mother of his child) but when she asks him for a reason he just says that he does not want to be with her. As a therapist Ian has to make John open up about his problems but Ian himself does not seem to know what he wants. While John reveals more of his inner turmoil to Ian. Ian seems to be turning further inward.

Setting: The setting for the play is Dublin, ...

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Although Shining City and Hamlet are set in vastly different time periods(Shining City is set during current times) as well as in different locations, their themes are very similar. The following solution compares the plot and themes of both plays, as well as the setting of each play.

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