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Format of the Shakespearean Sonnet

What is the proper format for a Shakespearean sonnet? What do I have to include? What types of topics can I write about?

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The proper format of a Shakespearean sonnet consists of 14 lines. The rhyme scheme is ABAB CDCD EFEF GG. But what does that mean? We use the letters to show which lines should rhyme.

ABAB is the first stanza. This rhyme scheme shows that the end words (the last word in each line) should rhyme. Line 1 and 3 need to rhyme, and Line 2 and 4 need to rhyme.

An example of a first stanza is...

When I first saw his face in the moonlight.
The gleam in his green eyes enraptured me.
Love swarmed in the cool breeze of a spring night.
And danced with abandon amongst the trees.

The next thing to ...

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