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    Poetry basics

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    The discussion with your team of writers was very effective and you have realized that your writers need to be given some instruction on the basics behind poetry. Beforehand, you put together a research paper encompassing a discussion of poetry.

    To best exemplify your skills with the topic, you have decided to break it down into two portions:

    Choose a sonnet from the Bedford text (file attached) and discuss the theme, language usage, and metaphorical references within.
    Choose a poem from the Bedford text (file attached) and discuss the impact of word choice and why effective word choice was essential to develop this poem's theme.
    include in-text citations and a reference list

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    Dear Student,
    I have highlighted the key words in the Sonnet for you. This assignment isn't this difficult if you were to look into it carefully. It took me a couple days to wrap this up only because I wanted to be thorough with it, and Brainmass isn't the only company I work for. Thanks again for choosing Brainmass for your homework solutions; however, please be adviced that we're not a company that writes homework for students. Better yet, we help students understand every section of each homework assignment more thoroughly and be able to tackle it on his/her own.

    Without further lecturing, please let me begin with helping you to analyze the sonnet you have selected. You need to look at this piece starting with their keywords. I have boldfaced and italicized those key words for you. The first piece should give you a hint of it being in the religious sense (after looking into the key words more closely that is). WHen I read it, I viewed it as an analogy to the Christianity's Trinity because that is definitely related to the "three" this poem addressed. At the end of the poem, the author also validated this point by pointing out the word "God". Christianity is the only religion that offered such an ideology of Trinity which means: the Son, the God and the Holy Ghost (three spiritual beings combined into one).

    When I saw the word "three", that was what came to mind immediately. As I read more into it, every line only validated this point more. From here, let's take a look at the next line where the key words: depth, breath, and height belong. These three words depict the awesomeness of the Creator, God Himself (the Christian God). We know this for sure because the next line, "My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight For the ends of the Being and ideal Grace" reveal us so. To explain, when you see words in capital letters such as "Being and Grace", they most likely have a religious connotation to them. I'm most positively certain your professor would have addressed this at one point in time during lectures which you probably missed by accident. To identify these keywords: "Being" has to do with the spiritual Being of God Himself while "Grace" means something that is something given to us when we don't deserve.

    After these keywords, comes "sun" and "candlelight". If you can't tell already, "sun" refers to the day and "candlelight" refers to the dark (at night). I believe that this sentence acts as a transitional sentence to the next section of the poem that this person thinks of God freely during the night and day times of his/her life.

    To continue, the next sentence, "I love three freely, as men strive for Right" where "Right" appears, that should have also provided you a hint on using it to analyze this line more in-depths. In other words, "Right" can lead to "Right" and "Wrong", so again ...

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