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    Poetry Elements of form

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    Discuss the elements of form in poetry Give examples of at least four examples in poetry.

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    Undoubtedly form is what distinguishes poetry from prose. The encyclopedia at GotPoetry.com is a great resource for defining poetry terms and a perfect place to get started with your answer to this question.

    GotPoetry defines "Form" as:
    The arrangement, manner or method used to convey the content, such as free verse, ballad, haiku, etc. In other words, the 'way-it-is-said.'

    GotPoetry continues by distinguishing the "fixed form" poetry from all other forms. Their definition is as follows: The form of a poem which follows a set pattern of rhyme scheme, stanza form and refrain (if there is one), is called a fixed form, examples of which include: ballade, limerick, pantoum, rondeau, ...

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    This solution helps describe poetic form and lists other facets that distinguish it as a genre. This solution is 473 words in length and is supplemented by external references.