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Poetry techniques

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For the upcoming poetry topic, you decide you want to engage your writers in an online brainstorming session. You go ahead and put together an overview of points of discussion that everyone should complete and circulate.

Your discussion should consist of the following:

Discuss strategies for effectively evaluating poetry and include the following in your discussion:

Language usage
Figuarative Language
Word choice
Remember to include in-text citrations and a reference list

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Poetic plans are featured.

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Hi there, I am going to give you some ideas to help you with your essay, as well as some sources. My suggestion is to think about the definitions on the terms surrounding literative and poetic analysis; then find some examples, then tie it together as to "Why is it helpful to analyze poetry and not just listen to it?" "What is deconstructionism and how does that affect our ability to enjoy art?" One way to understand poetry a bit better, in my opinion, is to read it outloud - that way, you're able to hear things like alliteration (Peter Piper Picked a Peck) or onomatopoeia (The Fire Ceckled and the Popcorn Popped). Good luck!


When we learn to read poems, we acquire a pleasure and a resource we never loose. Poetry records and embodies centuries of human thought and emotion, preserving for us the minds of people who lived before us, who were like and unlike us, against whom we can measure our common humanity and our historical difference. Poetry has changed tremendously since the 19th century however, when we read our contempories, that they illuminate a world we share. With all of these transformation in literature, poets from one hundred years ago wrote about topics which are still relevant in today's modern world. It is remarkable that their written words can tell us more about our present, than they did about our past. Is it just an illusion that our world is evolving, or do these great poets have the power to see into the future? When we read poetry something changes inside us that stays changed forever. To read poetry we must observe, measure, and judge the people and the properties of our universe - inside and outside. Poems can be anywhere: in a literature book, a magazine, or even on a popsicle stick. One never realizes how much poetry we see each day and the immense impact that it has on our lives. Once you read a piece of poetry that strikes you, the material can be ...

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