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Writing Instruction K-12

1. Provide insights on 1) poetry writing and 2) rereading techniques.

2. In terms of the ways in which we look at student writing and how we assess developing writers, what do you think of the topics of 1) writing a letter and then take the letter as a basis for an essay, 2) writing poetry, 3) rereading, and/or 4) writing a fiction?

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There are many fun ways to help developing writers. One is mentioned above (#1). Have students change the genre of a piece of writing helps them recognize several things. First, it helps them evaluate the purpose for the writing. Second, evaluating the purpose will lead to a change in writers' voice, tone, and word choice. The benefit of having a student write a letter and then expand it into an essay is that allows for this kind of writing growth without having to start from scratch. Third, it helps them learn to master various organizational structures. They will become very adept at selecting the correct organization for future pieces of writing. Finally, it shows have revision and drafting is ...

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