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Fun with Forms Cinquains and Sonnets

Further explanation of Cinquains and Sonnets.

ENGL 202- Creative Writing

In addition to your cinquain, write a nature haiku poem(see page 85 in Minot for format) and then choose one of the metered forms below and follow its pattern as outlined in Chapter 6 of your text.

• a ballad using the quatrain form about a movie or music star you admire
• a sonnet, either Shakespearean or Italian, about love or romance or sex
• a pantoum about the horrors ( or the marvels) of family life
• a villanelle about college life


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Dear Student,
I'm not sure why you would have trouble with these two assignments, but your professor did provide you with step-by-step guidelines on how to form one, especially the Cinquain type of poetry. I don't think you took time to read the assignment prompt as there are already three examples given to you. One part of your posting is extremely vague and that is where you wrote, "I won't be using this work". (I actually got confused by that....)

If it is about terminology which you do not understand, I will be glad to provide definitions.

On another thought, this assignment would not have turned out creative if you didn't put in the original effort. Like I said, your professor already gave you three solid examples of the Cinquain poetry in the assignment prompt that you received. For the next portion of this explanation page, I will tell you what each part of the steps your prof., provided means.

Line 1: Title Noun (Your professor wants you to use any person, place or thing to start the first line)
Line 2: Description (something about the person, place, or thing you chose in your first line)
Line 3: Action ...

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