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British poems

These poems are assessed:

Fragment ------from Don Juan

The Cry of the Children--
Love among the Ruins--

Sonnets from the Portuguese---------21-22-32 and 43


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Don Juan -- fragment

The man's life is a disaster zone. He's become a drunk because he cannot forget the mistakes of his past. He would prefer not to be alive rather than live through the grief and misery that he experiences each day. That's why he drinks so much -- to forget the past and attempt to muddle through the present. Even the future, he cannot contemplate. He does not even want to dwell on it. It scares him to death. So, again, he drinks.

The Cry of the Children

We could call this poem by Elizabeth Barret Browning a "protest song." It has all the markings of many of the American protest songs of the 1960s. What is she protesting? She's protesting the use of children as factory workers and coal mine workers. Her heart aches for the children being abused in these ways. She wishes that they could be free -- just for a moment -- to experience the touch of a hand, the smell of a flower, the wind on ...

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Various pieces are examined in terms of form and content.