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Comparing of the poems of Issac Rosenberg and August Stramm

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Compare the two soldiers' poems:

â?¢ Issac Rosenberg's (British) poem:

â?¢ August Stramm's (German) poem in translation:

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This solution serves to compare the soldier poetry from Issac Rosenberg (British) and August Stramm (German). This solution explores two sides of the same war and the different impressions the two poets have on the war.

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Both poems explore the view of the same war by two very different lenses. Rosenberg's experience notes the desolation of what is surrounding the soldiers while Stramm's explicitly states the actions that are occurring.

Rosenberg delves into the psyche of what is happening. He notes the idea of God is dead; killed in action so to speak.
Whereas Stramm leaves that ...

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