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    "Twelfth Night" is explicated briefly in terms of delusions.

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    I know that in "Twelfth Night", Malvolio suffers from delusions. One is in thinking that he is beloved by Olivia.

    1) What are the consequences of his delusion in thinking Olivia is in love with him?

    2) What are some other examples of situations where he deludes himself?

    3) How do Malvolio's delusions affect himself?

    4) How do Malvolio's delusions affect those around him?

    5) Is there a particular reason why Shakespeare would have created the character of Malvolio this way? What impact does it have on the play?

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    1) As you list what are some of the main consequences of his delusions in thinking Olivia is in love with him, you might add how based on his arrogant delusions, these delusions allow Maria and the other revelers to prank him; they aim to shatter his inflated ego as Maria imitates Olivia's handwriting and makes a letter that proclaims her love for Malvolio. This letter totally feeds his ego even more, further allowing him to totally ruin his own image and Olivia's ultimate impression of him.

    2) As you name some other examples of situations where he deludes himself, a major consequence is his complete and utter annoyance of other characters around him. Because of his delusion of thinking ...

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    "Twelfth Night" is briefly assessed in terms of delusions.