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    Concept of Madness Within Twelfth Night

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    Literary Analysis: William Shakespeare's Concept of Madness Within Twelfth Night by Joost Daalder.

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    Joost Daalder argues that William Shakespeare's concept of madness within Twelfth Night consists of "...'a state of mind in which a character seriously confuses reality as most of us see it with what the character takes it to be'" (105). To Daalder, Feste's mention of Sir Toby's level of drunkenness reveals that madness can be a product of the character's environment. For comic relief, Feste turns Olivia's question about drunk men into a simile by stating: 'Like a drowned man, a fool, and a madman: one draught above heat makes him a fool, the second mads him, and a third drowns him' (qtd. in Daalder 105). Even though he speaks in jest, the ...

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    This posting discusses the concept of madness in the William Shakespeare play Twelfth Night