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Women's Health Risks

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"Does Sex Make a Difference?" by Linda Bren states that "when it comes to health risks, sex does matter" (Bren 1). Cite two points that she makes to support her statement.

Please provide a maximum of 250 words with referencing. When referencing, use the author(s) name and the page number. For example: (Linda Bren 102).

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As you briefly reflect on Linda Bren's powerful statement that "When it comes to health risks, sex does matter" (Bren 1), I offer some sample ideas and points to firmly support her statement from the article.

First of all, Bren strongly suggests how women are much more susceptible, in fact twice as likely as men (Bren 1), for contacting certain illnesses and diseases. For example, women are ...

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Risks for women's health are briefly expressed in 250 words of notes based on the attached files. Linda Bren's powerful statement is briefly explicated.